Our ambition:


  • research on international cooperation in education;
  • a library with open access resources (texts, videos, figures);
  • a blog with regular publications of articles;
  • support and advice in various forms.


  1. a critical understanding of the orientations and methods of action of those involved in international cooperation in education ;
  2. more effective and relevant cooperation practices.


Manager: Dr. Thibaut Lauwerier 

I am a teacher-researcher in the Research Team on International Dimensions of Education (ERDIE) at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPSE) of the University of Geneva. I am also the coordinator of the MAS International Education and Research // DAS International Cooperation in Education and of the Francophone Research Network on the Privatisation of Education (ReFPE).

Contact : thibaut.lauwerier@unige.ch